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Export and import
Over the years, Drammen harbour has adapted its activity to suit the distribution needs of the different industries it serves. A series of specialised fields have been developed such as car import, lumber, fruit and vegetables. This has made the Port of Drammen one of Norway’s most important ports.

Car import
A number of different makes of cars are handled within an area of more than 100.000 sq.m. The common factor is that they all arrive in Drammen by sea and thus receive a flying start on their way to their sales outlets. They receive reliable bonded stor age, commissioning and transport by road or rail. Since car imports was established in 1964, almost 1.5 mill. cars have passed through the Drammen car terminal.

The city of Drammen was built around the lumber industry. It reached its peak during the 17th century and transport by sea was the only method used. Today the lumber are loaded in containers for new markets in the far east. The storage area is within the reach of the cranes, making handling and further distribution quick and efficient. Most of the stores have large doors and are well suited for various types of cargo.

Central location
The Port of Drammen is one of the few harbours in Norway that can boast a motorway that travels virtually through the dock area, providing access to the rest of Norway´s highway system. The railheads connect the harbour directly to the national rail network,  a major advantage for container transport. Drammens central location makes it an obvious choice when transporting goods by sea to various destinations. The Port of Drammen has many years of experience in docking and terminal management. This ensures quick and careful handling of all types of goods. A fine working enviroment and a reliable workforce is yet another of our many advantages.









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