The Port of Drammen is facilitating eco-friendly shipping and freight.

Here are some of our implemented measures.

UECC – green boats

UECC (United European Car Carriers) has three car carrier ships that uses gas and battery capacity. The ships are built in China and are the most eco-friendly vessels who ships cars when launched in 2021 and 2022.

The propulsion machinery is hybrid LNG and battery, which means that they can be emission-free when navigating in and out of the port.

LNG-powered ships have 25-30 percent lower Co2 emissions, up to 80 percent lower NOx emissions (gases hazardous to the environment and health) and almost zero sulfur and particle emissions.

With these vessels we will reduce the climate footprint when cars and other goods are imported.

The Port of Drammen gives an environmental discount to ships that have less emissions than the current requirements from the International Shipping Organisation.

Shore power

Ships that can use shore power contribute to reduce the Co2 emissions and emissions of environmentally and health-hazardous gases.

In 2015, Enova carried out a survey on the market basis for shore power in Norwegian ports. In the report, there was a recommendation to establish shore power at the Port of Drammen.

We offer shore power and have received support from Enova for the development of this. In order to further contribute to development for the environment, we offer an environmental discount to ships that can use shore power.

We want to encourage shipping companies to make investments that contribute to better air quality and reduce emissions.

Intermodal port

An intermodal port is a hub who connects the sea, road and railways. The Port of Drammen is centrally located in eastern Norway and is therefore an efficient logistics hub.

Containers can be loaded directly from ships at sea to trains, and reduce emissions by trucks at the road.