The port of Drammen​

The port is controlled by The Port Authority of Drammen, a non-profit making harbour authority owned by the municipalities of Drammen, Lier and Asker. The Port Authority offices are located in the Tangen area of the port.

A natural harbour with a long tradition

Local people will tell you that Drammen was created by the river, and there is no doubt that Drammen’s location has made it a natural harbour for many centuries

The Vikings used Drammensfjord nearly a thousand years ago as a route for bringing in the plunder from their foreign raiding trips. The sagas written by Snorre Sturlasson describe how the they sailed their longships up the fjord Drofn, as it was called at that time.

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Report arrivals to Drammen Port Authority

All vessels calling Port of Drammen shall notify at least 24 hours before arrival – or at the latest when the vessel departs from the previous port, if the journey is less than 24 hours.

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It was not until the 14th century that a permanent settlement was established along the estuary of the Drammen river, simultaneously as the harbour developed into a proper commercial centre. It was considered an ideal harbour for the export of timber, which was floated down the river and loaded into ships at Tangen.

Timber exports

Drammensfjorden became Norway’s principal gateway for timber exports, and by the middle of the 17th century it was exporting twice as much cargo as Christiania (the former name for Oslo) and the same amount as all the other Oslofjorden ports. Shipping traffic was at an all time high.

Towards the end of the 18th century paper and pulpmills began to spring up on both sides of the river, generating a whole new export trade.

Drammen acquired other industries, including a glass factory, an iron foundry and a brewery. The former two disappeared many years ago, but the Aass Bryggeri (Aass Brewery), founded in 1834,continues to flourish and has the distinction of being Norway’s oldest brewery.


Drammen has been an important railway junction for many years, giving the port a vital transport link with its hinterland. The Randsfjord Line was opened in 1868 and Drammen was connected to Oslo by 1870. The bridges which take the railway across the river in Drammen are the longest railway bridges in Norway.


The Port of Drammen is an old port with a modern outlook. The Port Authority is a nonprofit-making harbour authority which was established as long ago as 1735 to adminster the Port of Drammen.

Over the past 100 years the port and town have changed. Most of the papermills closed at the end of the 1960`s and Drammen has aquired new types of business, such as electronics, food-industry, printing, road-transport and the service-sector. In the port, the emphasis has moved from exports to imports – containerized cargo and new cars.

The layout of the port has changed too, with much of the new cargo-handling activity being focused on the island of Holmen, where deepwater berthing is available. It is a curious fact that, since the last ice age, the island has been rising by 4 mm per year, so that what was littlemore than a few bumps in the estuary back in the 15th century has become a substantial island in the 20th century. In modern times Holmen has been expanded still further by means of reclamation in order to create a perfect terminal for handling large vessels and all types of goods.

Environmental discount

In 2016, a discount for environmentally friendly ships with fewer emissions than required by today’s IMO standards will be introduced.
Ships registered in the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) that score at least 25 ESI points, receive a 30 % discount on normal quay charges.
This discount is only applicable for calls made within the validity period of the ESI certificate, and the ESI registration must be indicated on the ships ́s notice of arrival.
Total discount on quay charges may not exceed 50 %


The Port of Drammen is an inland deepwater port situated 45 km south-west of Oslo in the county of Buskerud. The harbour is located at the nothern end of the Drammen Fjord at the mouth of the river Drammen. It is a freshwater port.


Drammen Port Authority owns a total of 46.000 sq.m of warehousing. Up to 12.000 cars can be stored at Drammen including 2.000 garage spaces. The port has a total of 200.000 sq.m of open storage.


The total quay length is 1805. m. In addition to the public quays, there are 17 private industrial quays in the Drammen area, all of which pay port dues to the Port Authority. 2.5 million tonnes of cargo handled in 2016.


The Port of Drammen has two mobile containercranes (Liebherr LMH 400 and Liebherr LMH 550) with a lifting capacity of 100 / 144 tonnes and two quayside cranes with a capacity of 23 tonnes and 50 tonnes. Below, you will find more information about the equipment of the cranes and where they are situated. All the cranes are operated by the port.

ODIN (Kattegat)

Capasity: 100 tonnes Bromma automatic container spreader: 20-40-45 feet Grab: (10 m3 for bulk cargoes)

FRIGG (Kattegat)

Capasity: 144 tonnes Bromma automatic container spreader: 20-40-45 feet

PERNILLE (Holmen South)
Capasity: 23 tonnes

TORBJØRN (Holmen South)
Capasity: 50 tonnes

Other details


The port is approached by way of Oslo Fjord and Drammen Fjord. The Drammen Fjord is entered through the Svelvik Sound, which has a sailing width of 120 m and a draught limit of 10 m.


Oslo Airport Gardermoen can be reached within 60 minutes by road using the E 18 / E 6 motorway from Drammen.

Fork-lift Trucks

Fork-lift trucks are available in the port with lifting capacities from 1.5 tonnes to 30 tonnes. Many have special attachments for lifting bales, reels and 20 ft / 40 ft containers. A tugmaster unit is available for ro-ro cargo.


Pilotage is available. If a pilot is required, the pilot service requires at least 4 hours notice of ETA. The Pilot is picked up at Færder, 40 nautical miles south of Svelvik. Transit time from Færder to Drammen is normally 4 hours.

Ship repair

Nearest repair facility is located in Horten. The yard can drydock vessels of up to 243 m. It has fabrication and assembly shops.


The port has 2 ro-ro quays. Holmen South and Risgarden.


Freshwater is available at Langbrygga, Holmen South and Kattegat.


All kinds of bunker are available, delivered by barge or road tanker.

Tidal variation is negligible in the Drammen Fjord.


Export and import

Over the years, Drammen harbour has adapted its activity to suit the distribution needs of the different industries it serves. A series of specialised fields have been developed such as car import, lumber, fruit and vegetables. This has made the Port of Drammen one of Norway’s most important ports.

Car import

A number of different makes of cars are handled within an area of more than 100.000 sq.m. The common factor is that they all arrive in Drammen by sea and thus receive a flying start on their way to their sales outlets. They receive reliable bonded stor age, commissioning and transport by road or rail. Since car imports was established in 1964, almost 1.5 mill. cars have passed through the Drammen car terminal.


The city of Drammen was built around the lumber industry. It reached its peak during the 17th century and transport by sea was the only method used. Today the lumber are loaded in containers for new markets in the far east. The storage area is within the reach of the cranes, making handling and further distribution quick and efficient. Most of the stores have large doors and are well suited for various types of cargo.

Central location

The Port of Drammen is one of the few harbours in Norway that can boast a motorway that travels virtually through the dock area, providing access to the rest of Norway´s highway system. The railheads connect the harbour directly to the national rail network, a major advantage for container transport. Drammens central location makes it an obvious choice when transporting goods by sea to various destinations. The Port of Drammen has many years of experience in docking and terminal management. This ensures quick and careful handling of all types of goods. A fine working enviroment and a reliable workforce is yet another of our many advantages.

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