Skur1 Maritime Hall

A place to come together for events and arrangements

At Skur1 you can gather up to 120 people, but it is also suitable for smaller arrangements or meetings. 

Guests for dinner
Guests for conference
Guests in the library

Skur1 Maritime Hall can be rented for private or official arrangements such as courses, conferences, meetings and parties. 

The building is the oldest at the port of Drammen, and it is now decorated to be a place for events in maritime surroundings. 

It is located at one of the docks, just a few steps from the water. The guests will come together in a nice atmosphere with a unique look.

Free parking

Just a walk from the train station

Serving and booking

Food and drinks for arrangements can be
ordered by Fruene Haugestad.


Would you like to rent Skur1?

Contact Fruene Haugestad.

Discover the maritime history of Drammen

The Port of Drammen was established in 1736, almost a hundred years before the city was founded.

At Skur1 you can discover the great maritime times with shipbuilding, shipowners and emerging trade.
You can also learn about modern ships and Norway´s most efficient and sustainable port, The Port of Drammen.

Things to discover