Port facilities


The total length of the docks are 846 meters. We have two ro-ro-docks, Holmen- Syd and Risgarden (for car logistics).

Containers and project loads are handled at Kattegatkaia, general cargo and bulk are handled at Holmen-Syd.

In addition, there are five private docks in the fjord, Lierstranda Tømmerterminal, Hellik Teigen, Norsk Gjenvinning, Norgips og Juve, who all pay water charges to the port. 


The port facilities at Holmen are approved  for ISPS traffic (The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).

In December 2002, the UN maritime organization IMO adopted a new international regulation on security measures on board ships and in port facilities. The new rules (SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS code) contained a number of official requirements and also requirements for concrete security measures to be implemented on board ships and in port facilities serving ships in international traffic.

In connection with the implementation of the ISPS code at the Port of Drammen, routines have been introduced for notification of ship calls, delivery of goods and access control. Everyone who passes into the port facility must register at the guard centre. This is done either by using a personal access card, or by issuing a visitor’s card. It is not permitted to take people with you in a car without them being registered in the same way.

The docks

Holmen syd

Holmen syd oil



Storage capacity

The Port of Drammen has a storage capacity of 25.000 m². For more information, go to storage of goods. 


There are two mobile cranes at the port (Liebherr LMH 400 og Liebherr LMH 550). They can lift up to 104 and 144 tons. In addition there are two portal cranes who can lift 23 and 50 tons. All the cranes are staffed with personnel from the port. 

Kran Kapasitet Containeråk Grabb
ODIN (Kattegatkaia) 104 tonn 20-40-45 fot Bulkgrabb (8 m3 og 13 m3)
FRIGG (Kattegatkaia) 144 tonn 20-40-45 fot Bulkgrabb (8 m3 og 13 m3)
PERNILLE (Holmen syd) 23 tonn Bulkgrabb (8 m3 og 13 m3)
THORBJØRN (Holmen syd) 50 tonn

Shore power

We are offering shore power as a contribute to a better environment.
The shore power is placed at Holmen-Syd and Kattegatkaia.

The shore power is offered according to NEK IEC 80005-3 with four charging pints at Holmen-Syd and two charging point at Kattegatkaia. The power offered is 400 – 690 V, 50 og 60 Hz.

Environmental discount are offered to ships that are eco-friendly with lower emission than required.

Our services

At the port of Drammen, our partners and tenants offer various services. Below you can see the range of services of the various providers.

The Port of Drammen has 21.000 square meters of warehouses for rent. We store cars, containers, grain and wood pellets, among other things.